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Cress d'Wiles and Lloun'az Haven

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 13, 2010, 12:00 PM

Project Participants
Havoc892 House Lhuhari
PoldalleLovesnare House Kla'rlck
Flane-kanja House Erenaeoth
Blind-Leviathan House Ssambra
XullraeZauviir House Zauviir

What is it?
Cress d'Wiles, Drow for Web of Words, is a special club, so to speak for the writers of Lolth-Scourge. Members of Cress d'Wiles get a year to complete as many of the eight objectives as they want to or can do. At the end of the year they will receive a point per objective met, maximum 8 points per year.

Lloun'az Haven, drow for Artist's Haven is the artist's side of this project.  There are eight objectives that an artist can do for the project.  Members get a year to complete as many of these eight they want or can do.  At the end of the year, they will get a point per objective met, maximum 8 points per year.

Can I do both?
Yes, but in fairness, you can only get a total of eight points for the year through these projects!  You can do all eight Cress objectives and all eight Haven objectives, but you will only get eight points.  This point limit is here to keep a bit of a balance on the points earned.  This is done to

Example: A participant does six Cress entries and two Haven entries.  They get the eight points.  Another participant does eight Haven entries and four Cress entries.  They only get the eight points though due to a limit.

Can I Join?
Of course!  Just let one of us heads know and we'll add your name to the list of participants!


OBJECTIVE 1: A Better Mousetrap
Someone has been a greedy little drow!  Now they're about to bite off more then they can chew thanks to the plotting of another family.  Describe how one drow frames another for their own goals.  Mind you, said mark doesn't need to be killed.  Sometimes the greatest punishment is to live.

OBJECTIVE 2: DrowKat's Random
The following have to be in the writing in some way shape or form:
-Flying Fat Man
-Grape Juice
-Voodoo Lady

OBJECTIVE 3: The Grand Tournament
Gladiators fight for the glory of their houses!  Describe one of these fights from three perspectives.  The two in the arena and a family that is betting on the outcome of the fight.

OBJECTIVE 4: Open Rebellion
The lower dregs of drow society have had enough!  They join together and move to destroy the ruling houses!  They might not have the power, but they have the numbers.  Does the rebellion succeed?  Or are the ruling families manage to hold onto their power?

OBJECTIVE 5: Surface Tension
For whatever reason, a surface group has taken an extensive interest in a drow city.  This interest is unknown, but the city is unaware that they are watching!  Describe what happens when the surfacers finally play their hand.

OBJECTIVE 6:  The Absent Minded Matron
For several years, the ruling matron of a city has been going insane!  Her daughters have been covering for her because she is needed alive for some greater plan, but now the facade is getting harder and harder to conceal.  What happens when the masque is broken and the city realizes their ruling matron is two cards short of a full deck, three fries short of a happy meal and just plain nuts?

OBJECTIVE 7: Through a Child's Eyes
Sometimes age makes an incredible difference.  Tell a story from the perspective of a child drow in their society.  Maybe a major event in the childhood shapes them in future years?

OBJECTIVE 8: Solitary Confinement
There is little more frightening then being completely alone.  Write what happens when one of your drow characters finds themselves completely cut off from society.  For those who aren't too high in the society might not mind, but nobles won't have slaves and servants to wait on them hand and foot!  How do they react?


OBJECTIVE 1: The Assassin
Draw an image of a drow assassin.  Fresh from a kill, stalking their prey or just standing around.

OBJECTIVE 2: Family Portrait
A ruling matron wants a picture of her family done.  The family must include, but is not limited to:
-The Matron
-Three Children
-A Noble Male

OBJECTIVE 3: “So, why so much of this white stuff?”
A drow has a run in with snow!  How do they react?  More importantly, are they bundled up?  Good one for facial expressions in the surprise to what the 'white stuff' is!

OBJECTIVE 4: Demonic Encounter
One or some drow have a run in with an otherworldly entity!  A demon (or demons).  Raises the question though.  What happens with these demonic beings?  Are they playful or do the demons have agendas that are darker then the heart of any drow?

OBJECTIVE 5: Drow's Night Out
Sometimes a good old pub crawl can be an absolute blast!  However, getting utterly hammered can cause some problems...  Namely a killer hangover!  Create a dream-like image on one half of your canvas of the night out, while the other half is the morning after!

OBJECTIVE 6:  Pet Playtime
Have your drow character playing a game with their favorite animal.  Make sure both the drow and their pet are having a good time!

OBJECTIVE 7: In Council
Three or more drow are having a strategy meeting, plotting something.  What is up to you, but the image must include a table and maps.  Also, remember that atmosphere is important!  Where is the meeting held?  Is it in a grand hall or some old worn shack somewhere away from prying eyes?

OBJECTIVE 8: Advertising in Action
Even in the underground it pays to advertise if you have something to sell.  Make a billboard ad!  Design a billboard that can be a public service announcement or some sort of service ad.  The image must include the location of the billboard.  On a building, a sign itself, or floating from the ceiling.  A drow must also be included in the image, either looking at the ad or in the ad.

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