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Drow Links

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 4, 2009, 1:31 AM

Resources and Tools…? - Transilit rivvin xanalress ulu ilythiiri (Drow Translator)… - Transilit rivvin xanalress ulu ilythiiri xor darthirii (Drow and Elf translator) - Darthirii kaas beldroin (Elf Name generator)… - Ilythiiri malarin lloun (Drow fighting styles information, great for battle scenes) - Wizards of the Coast Offical Site, the ones that started it all - Drow Wikipedia… - Drow Dictionary… - Drow history and information… - name generator of all types: kingdom names, drow, elf, high elves, goblins, planets, ect. Good for writers.

Comics - Stories - Drowtales - Lady Drow page - Lorts of fantasy stories, with one dark elf section.… - New comic soon to be finished.
:new: drowloveistoughlove.comicgenes… - Drow Love

Communities - Drow Clan (RPG Board) - Dark Elf Stories, Poetry and Art - RP Site… - New Drow RP Searching for members! Go and Check it!… - RP Drow group for those who like d&d based rp as well as creative play by post rp. - Drow Inside… - Drow Campain, but lots of Drow info inside too. - Lavender Eyes, a fan site devoted to Drizzt Do'urden and his compainions and enemies - RPG community that has a php base game built in, based on forgotten realms


Do you have Drow links that you want to share with other members?
Just comment to this journal putting the link and I will add it to this section for everyone to use.

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