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Contest Dome

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 4, 2009, 1:30 AM

September 2004: Contest #1- Deh' o' Mialhin
Deh' o' Mialhin by Mistresselysia

December 2004: Contest #2- Family
Survivor -Contest- by xaotl
Contest: Queens and Pawns
Lolth hissed at her memories: the last days when she was Araushnee. She glared at a mental image of Angharradh and her former lover Corellon; the two that made her into what she is now. The looks of Araushnee were deformed to a point; she still held her beauty in her face and most of her upper body, however the rest of her was condemned to be the grotesque form of a giant spider. It was all because of that goddess, Angharradh, the only rival to her beauty and power when she was a true goddess. Nevertheless, Lolth smiled at her improvements. Corellon turned her from a goddess to a tanar'ri, forced never to see the trees of Arvandor; banished with her children, Corellon's children. She was never meant to gain power and become a goddess again. Nevertheless, her love of power and revenge fueled her to become so again, a close rival to the power Corellon once stripped of her. A cruel smirk crossed her delicate features, plotting her triumphant return. All the Elf gods will either die
, House Si'mari Meten

June 2005: ID contest
Lolth-Scourge ID by seneschal

July 2005: Contest #3- The Three of Them
Tripple Threat_Comic by DarrkestDrow

September 2005: Contest #4- Modren Drow
Drow-donalds by RollerBoyjeremy, House Lylyl

Mature Content

, House Sshemlet

Mini-Contest: Male Crossdressers (October 2005)

December 2005: Contest #5- Drow in Action
Ryld vs Tsarbak by Marutanielle, House Belertain
beauty deep for -lolthscourge-beauty deep
Tongues of flame from the lava flow made the young drow tailor feel comfortable, despite the situation.  He never thought he would be working with Arsa'olakai alone again, but it was never wise to completely disregard all possibilities.  Not until reality annihilated all other choices; or at least not until he slew the male himself.
Jaka was being used.  It didn't bother the young male; that was the life of a drow male and he was not the type to question the status quo.  Rather, Jakadirek, thirdboy of House Mi'iduor, considered himself outside the status quo.  It was unfortunate that the priestess in charge of their patrol thought vehemently otherwise.  He was bait for a deranged fairy.
Orange light rolled over his black skin, reflected particularly off the spiraling keloid scars spanning his bare shoulders.  He admired the way the light played over him and the way it animated the glistening pelt h

Mini-Contest: Drow Christmas (January 2006)
Christmas in Dalinon by Blind-Leviathan, House Ssambra

February 2006: Contest #6- Punishment
Contest -- Caught by ElBorja
Red Water
I doubt she was this happy ever. Her ebony skin was dark and healthy; too bad it wasn't darker to reflect her heart. Her hair was long and soft and I only know this when she walked over me the day I was born and the white, silken strands dragged along my face. That was my first concrete memory of my mother and how I hated it and her. Her gloating face, though beautiful, made my blood boil. And here I was before her again.
The chamber was dark as always, the ceilings were high and lined in a very soft purple and blue glow. To me, it made everyone and everything look sick and twisted but I guess that was appeasing to the rich tastes of the foul beast before me. But no one was in the chamber today but me and all the statues of our goddess, who smirked at me. I found myself pinned down by the deities' stares and I let my eyes wander up. She sat on high, like some sort of royalty, in a chair constructed from a rare crystal from the surface. I just hoped one day the crystal, who collected so
, House Si'mari Meten

Mini-Contest: Drow Family (April 2006)
Drow family by Dwaer

May 2006: Contest #7- Partners in Crime
OH SNAP - A Vhaeraunite Tale by VLDreyer

Mini-Contest: The Lord of the Rings - Drow edition (June 2006)
What if Aragorn and Arwen... by Eeren

Mini-Contest: Halloween Drow Style (October 2006)

Mature Content

Halloween 2006 by DarrkestDrow

Honorable Mention:
A Toast to the DepartedA Toast to the Departed
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are the property of R.A. Salvatore/Wizards of the Coast ©. I don't own them; I'm just examining all their possibilities.
The 1st of Uktar, 1373 DR The Year of Rogue Dragons
"Are my eyes deceiving me or do you actually look amused," Drizzt said to his companion with a curious smirk, looking around at the festivities.
Artemis Entreri merely gave a polite smile with a cruel gleam in his black eyes.
"In Calimport, the princes and pashas will hold a grander celebration than this," he replied in a bored tone. "A whole parade of their most…colorful flying carpets, black roses falling from the sky, all the manner of gaudiness they all wallow in."
Drizzt snickered, looking down the main promenade of Baldur's Gate while watching the parade of costumed dancers running around in their own glee. Multi-colored ribbons streamed between buildings and over the hundreds of men, women, children, peasants, nobles, and all the manner of other
, House Sshemlet

October 2006: Contest #8- Love in Idolatry
:thumb43398019:, House Vo'dare

Mini-Contest: Drow Holiday Cheer or Lack Of (December 2006)
I Swear I've Been Good by spiritsilver, House Athiyken
:thumb44438394:, House Vo'dare

Mini-Contest: Beach Drow (March 2007)
The Call Of Eilistraee by PaleDrow, House Riknueth Vharc

February 2007: Contest #9- Miscalculations
Too Much Gunpowder... by Annemar, House Vlos Drathir

Mature Content

, House Zauviir

Mini-Contest: School Time Drow (June 2007)
:thumb56440096:, House Keeler
Wizard School by Dwaer

May 2007: Contest #10- In the Name of Religion
Revenge by turbosuo
For Love and FaithWhat if?  
These words will haunt you for eternity at times it seems.  They will cause you to doubt.  They will cause you to fear.  They will cause you to DECIDE!  A diviner can only foretell a possible future based on the actions you take because, after all, life is a choice.  This is not a story that has happened, or perhaps even will.  This is a story that MAY exist.  This is one possible future of a drow so broken by the world and its false hopes that he has taken in the dark embrace of Shar.  Taking the shadows within him has already come to be but his future has many possibilities.  This is one such choice where all his sorrow becomes too much ... he becomes too much.  When a soul is so broken and consumed by grief, what do they do when they have already embraced the cold darkness?  What happens when the darkness is not enough to hide under?  
... can
, House Vo'dare

Mini-Contest: The Drow "Hallmark" Card (October 2007)
My Drow Halloween greetings by Kanuka76

Mini-contest: Drow Half-breeds (December 2007)
, House Keeler

November 2007: Contest #11- Drow Ambition
Nowhere Without You by Blind-Leviathan, House Ssambra
Golden RuinsGolden Ruins
“What’s on your mind,” I said, sipping my beer while lying back in my chair. A warm breeze blew across the tiny strip that was Greycliffe Beach as if to accentuate a point. “You’re still horrible at self-expression.”
Mikislan casually lifted his glass and sipped the clear contents, those gorgeous eyes falling on me and making my hair stand on end.
It was those eyes. I could see him another two millennia hence and those eyes would never cease to pierce through my soul. Those cherry-wood eyes glistened with glee in his right moods and disgust bordering on cruelty in moments when you didn’t want to be around him.
His face was right against of wide beam yellow-white light pulsing down from the street lamps, illuminating that smooth black skin and lighting his eyes so you could see right through them.
They were near red in this light, a part of me holding back a smile at the recollection of how many sword and sorcery geeks I had met in
, House Sshemlet

Mini-Contest: Lolth-Scourge Makeover (February 2008)
Avatar- :thumb78242675:, House Keeler
ID- Lolth's Summoning by Blind-Leviathan, House Ssambra
Mascot- LS mascot concept: Char by DrowKat, House Si'mari Meten

April 2008: Contest #12- Identity Crisis
:thumb87279097:, House Teken'ar
Bill the Drow ... maybe.Hi ... Something the Something here and ... ok ... huh?
Looking around I find myself waking up for ... iono?  Sleep?  A coma?  God I feel like I've been sleeping forever.  In fact I can't remember going to sleep ... mainly because I don't remember a flipping thing?
... hell thinking, I realize I can't (think that is ... is this confusing anyone else yet?)
Despite that, I feel this overwhelming pull to continue an inner monologue so that ... hell I don't know why.  Is someone out there reading my mind?  I swear I can explain all the zombie porn!!!
... no I can't T__T.  Man isn't that gross?  What kind of nasty ass piece of nasty could find that hot cept me?  I mean , I'M ... actually I have no idea who I am but I feel like I'm a messed up SOB >_>
Anyway ... god I wish I could remember something.  I get up from the bed and look around the small room, seeing some food over on a stand. 
, House Vo'dare

August 2008: Contest #13- Down and Out
When predator becomes prey by BrassDragon
Zombie Steve the DrowHello!! My my, this is my first appearance so I have to make a GOOD impression. Hmmm, what should I do? Ah well, until I figure it out, let me finish my lunch. I've been sooo hungry. Life ain't easy after all and you got to eat what you can, when you can for my kind of people. Poor? Nah, not anymore though I was once and far more than that as a matter of fact. I know I still wear pretty trashy clothes though, which is someting I actually learned to do when I WAS living off the streets. A tattared gray, blood stained robe, with the latter being old AND fresh. Speaking of which, time to eat some more!!!
Mmmm, this is soooo good. A little past prime but I'm not exactly a picky zombie.
... what? OH! Yea, I forgot. I'm a drow ZOMBIE. Zombie Steve. And if you haven't guessed what I'm munching on right now, let me give you a hint. It rhymes with rains ... and starts with a "B".
Seriously though, if you can't figure that one out then I'm not going to keep talking to you. Zombie Steve might be

June 2008: Contest #14- Fear
Selaphobia by CaptainMoony
Night with no Moon
There was utter stillness as he entered the square room. Not the kind of stillness one appreciates. It hung stagnant in the air like a disease. Hovering so close you could feel it pressing your skin, weighing you down, trapping you beneath it and he felt his stomach turn before a type of sick consolation formed amid the thick silence...
He knew places like this....
Temples and tombs that once glowed in the glory of time.
A house for the dead.
A home for a queen.
A prison made to keep those dead in - and those alive out- eternally.
Yes he knew this place. It was made for the one in his arms, for the one he held. Walls of sandy stone carved with images told the story of the woman’s life. White torches lit the wide room, beating radiant circles and shadows across the carved walls and stone floor. The ceiling arched, the inside of a great sphere dropping down into smooth walls. A small channel cut up through the it, letting in a shaft of pale waning light that cast itself upon the sto

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