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Xenshai yawned, stopped fiddling with his long braided hair and looked over at his brother. The younger drow looked, in Xenshais’ opinion, far too nervous to carry out the orders they had explicitly been given by their mother, the Matron Vikhra. Or maybe it was the other orders he had been given that worried him…
‘Jehk’ril, if you’re going to going to fidget, you may as well leave’ he drawled, a slightly amused smile touching his lips. Jehk’ril turned and frowned, shaking his head vehemently.
‘I know what to do’ he replied, a hint of a tremor to his voice.
‘Hmmm. And you are sure you are…up to it?’
Jehk’ril glowered at his brother. Why must he always treat him as a child?
‘This raid will be successful. Hasn’t Matron Vikhra told us Mother Lolth is on our side?
‘Lolth?’ Xenshai spat over his shoulder. ‘Who gives a damn what that old spider thinks! Anyway, that was not what I was referring to…’
‘Xenshai…do you think this course of action is wise? Surely Vikhra will figure out what has happened straight away? She will know…’ Jehk’ril ran his hands nervously through his close-cropped hair, looking intently at his older brother. Again, that damned condescending, knowing look touched Xenshais features; Jehk’ril often wished he could wipe it off his face for good.
‘She will not know. The Masked God will make sure of that. Ilmyrn is favoured.’ Xenshai lent over and patted his brother on the shoulder ‘Do not fret, little one!’
‘And why should he be fretting?’ said a petulant but commanding female voice from behind the both of them. ‘Has something gone wrong?’
Xenshai shuddered, and Jehk’ril cringed; Vlandril, their sister and commander in the raid stepped out of the shadows
Instead of wearing the traditional clerical robes of Lolth, Vlandril was clad in form-fitting leather and a piwafwi – much more appropriate for their impending undertaking. Ranking the 11th House in Sschindylryn, Matron Vikhra had every intention of making her House 10th this very evening. She narrowed her crimson eyes and studied her brothers – slim and wiry Jehk’ril, still studying at Sorcere and larger, stronger Xenshai; Elderboy and in line to take over as House WeaponsMaster as soon as her mother tired of its most recent incumbent, Ilmyrn. Both dangerous in their own pathetic little ways, but both easily manipulated if necessary.
‘Stop gossiping and concentrate. If I catch you idle again, both of you will suffer my wrath, and no doubt the Matrons wrath when we return victorious.’ With that, she turned heel and left.
Xenshai watched his sister leave, and as soon as she was out of earshot, he turned once more to his brother.
‘You must be convinced now! That is one bitch that deserves to die.’
Jehk’ril grinned.
‘You know, maybe Ilmyrn has a point after all. And I for one look forward to slitting her throat myself.’
Xenshai waggled a finger in mock-admonishment at his younger brother.
‘That, I am afraid, is my pleasure. You have to make sure no one witnesses the act – even if that means dropping a fireball in the midst of our own troops.’ He grinned wickedly. ‘Preferably in the middle of *her* troops!’ With that, he threw his head back and laughed.
This is the new contest theme.
Dates will be communicated later, but you can start to work on it immediatelly if you want.

This work belongs to

Heres a little conversation between three drow siblings (two brothers and a sister) They are waiting to raid another House - and the brothers have another agenda to kill their sister. So people can either draw the characters, draw a scene (either this one or an impending one? ) or carry on the story!

Submission period: 25th of October 2004 - 25th of November 2004 (If you are not ok with this leave a comment)
Voting period: 26th of November 2004 - 15th of December 2004 (To vote send a devnote with the number in front of the work you like the most for each category. Mystresselysia can vote two times in each category, either 2 points for one work or 1 point for two works).


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And the winners are:

After a coin toss, next contest theme will be decided by Xaotl
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xaotl Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
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uchh... can you wait with the end of submition period for 2 or 3 days? pleaseeee *,*
i thought i can end my pic before the deadline, but i couldn't, cause it turned out too big and detailed...
if you can only wait until monday... pleaseeeee :bulletred:,:bulletred:
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