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Shadow Ranger

Deh' o' Mialhin is a young drow female of Mih'Al'Henidraninl family. Ancient Lolth high priestess, she was revoked from her position because spiders, the symbol of Lolth, did never dare to approach her, as if frightened by something.

Renegade, she had to leave the territories under Lolth control when her high prietest weapon, the fangs scourge with file living snake lashes, tried to kill her. Lolth wanted her dead.

She traveled south in the Underdark, alone, and soon discovered she was happier in those half desert lands than she had never been in the crowded Drow cities. She also soon discovered some hided talents in herself and little by little, while traveling in the earth bowels, she became what we could call a Shadow Ranger.

As her surface homonyms, Deh' had some powers over the nature, even over the dangerous beasts living in the Underdark. She discovered why spiders feared her: in fact she had the power to provoque waves of extreme fear in any living animal, even the most dangerous ones like the basilics. All along the years she came to master that power and wandered fearless under the earth surface.

For ten years she was alone in the dark, but as a Ranger, even if a perverted one, she eventually came to link with a wild animal. It was albino little bat. Totally blind, the animal she called Rotjang did not have any problem in the underdark thanks to his natural echo radar. It helped Deh' traveling in the deepest caverns of the earth, where no living creature existed and where the infrared vision was useless since all the environment was at the same cold temperature.

In was in one of those bowels that Deh' fate came to change forever. Deeper and deeper she came to encounter a lich. Immune to fear, that undead creature was well over Deh' power. She did what she could, but at the end she was being defeated.

Any prietest can turn undead, but Deh' was no longer a Lolth prietest. Afraid for her life she started to pray for all the gods she knew. And one heard her. In fact he had been looking her for a long time now. Vhaeraun. If he was the god of the male Drows and the thieves, Vhaeraun had also the ambition to increase the Drow territories. The ranger skills of Deh' interested him.

SO Vaerhaun listened to Deh' preys and saved her. Deh' surrended to the god and became one of his followers. For her surrender, Vhaeraun made her three gifts. The first was a black velvet mask, sign of Vhaeraun, which protected the wearer from poison, mental attacks and petrifaction. The second was a scourge. Different from Lolth one, this one had a single long living snake shaped lash. But it was all white and with red eyes, and had the power to absorb the vital energy of any animal and transmit it to the bearer. The last gift from Vhaeraun was his love.

When the god finally left, hours later, Deh' stood and started to get ready. She did not bother to put back her chainmail, putting only the Piwafwi Cloak and her leather clothes with which she could be more comfortable for traveling. To demonstrate her loyalty to her new God, she took her knife and cut her  white hair short. Picking up the scourge and the mask from near the couch where the god has given her his love, Deh' started to get ready for traveling as a shadow ranger and spread the words and the power of her god. She called Rotjang and putting the mask, she walked towards the east, as her master had asked her.

Deh' did not know that Vhaeraun had left his mark on her. His last kiss on her bare neck has left a white mark with the shape of his lips.
First Contest theme for ~Lolth-Scourge drow club.

You can draw anything based on this text with the media you like.

The date of the contest submissions and votings will be communicated soon. Don't send any work until then.

For more details, please visit the FAQ.

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And the winner is...
with her work: [link]
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